Item Showcase: Medicom Toy x ACRONYM® BE@RBRICK


Brought into reality in 2007 for Medicom Toy's first BE@RBRICK Worldwide Tour, the ACRONYM® 100% BE@RBRICK originates from the NYC 5 piece pack of 100% BE@RBRICKs. This set consisted of designs from mastermind JAPAN, Pete Fowler, Playset Products, Hiroshi Fujiwara, and lastly, ACRONYM® (pictured from left to right). Each creative applied their signature motifs to create a collection that truly showcased their individual visions while playing to the "worldwide" concept with their diverse lineup.

The design of the ACRONYM® BE@RBRICK makes use of its own works, having the BE@RBRICK fully kitted out in their own apparel offerings. "Respect to past masters", as Errolson himself puts it, the BE@RBRICK dons iconic ACRONYM® pieces consisting of the E-J1A, E-P1A, and the 3A-1. These can be pinpointed by the standout features from each article of clothing, finding its way into the pattern of the 6cm tall figure. See if you can spot them all!


Here are some pictures of the ACRONYM® BE@RBRICK alongside the matching set pieces for your viewing pleasure, just in time for the upcoming BE@RBRICK release. There are some BE@RBRICK Worldwide Tour book scans as well, including scans from the extra book that was handed out exclusively at the events. These feature info regarding each design as well as a brief interview with the designers themselves!